Wicked Babylon 
Chapter One
ISIS in A Babylon p,1-29


(a hand reaches out to touch our Farther surrounded by 4 women whom are dancing around the sun a circular motive hollows out the centre and a face stairs back, bound by serpent tale. The page is as gold as the sun at the start of the world it observes)   




A central square is placed down upon Mesopotamia, creation develops the world evolves, and the trail of the serpent is scaring the landscape




“Obadiah Odadiah

Jah Jah send us hereto Ketch Vampire

(I) have the chalice to lite up Jah fire

When (I) and (I) catch dem vampire

(I) and (I) a go set dema fire”


(D. Irons) 




The wrenched dance on the ruins of civilisation




A beast takes flight 

texts are written 

and planted in the forest 




(T)he turbulent west, fall’s away from the pages of history fading out of the centuries of selves are ignited by the sun  




Isis, cut away 

her lives gone 

turning to darkens 

in the (E)ast 

and (W)est

© 2018 by Alasdair Ambrose

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