Pervert Wasp + Alasdair Ambrose + Jamal Sterrett

Doom-drenched rhythms grow out of muddy textures and shifting tempos, morphing constantly with pounding instrumentation. The music of Pervertwasp is everchanging; flowing from black metal tremolo into soaring crescendos, then splitting into jazzy staccato and improvised jams. At the front of it all is the silent frontman: Jamal Sterrett. Utilising a unique blend of dance styles, from flex to ballet, he conducts and interprets, encoding the music into impossible movements. Alasdair Ambrose creates visuals to match, drenching everything in a layer of hypnotic shapes and images that convert everything into the surreal.


Josh Booker

Video by Alasdair Ambrose 

Video by Martin Rayment 

Video by Josh Booker 

Video by Paul Buddel

© 2018 by Alasdair Ambrose

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